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Long time no Post!!!!

April 13, 2013

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Good morning everybody!!!! Izzy signing in.

Mom just realized we have not been updating our adventures for  you since January. Oh my, we have had a few adventures and no life changing events. All in our family are happy and healthy. We are so thankful for that. Now on with our adventure of the spring.

This year we all piled in Big Red, pulled my mobile house behind us. It was great, we were all together. This is Hank riding next to his younger brother.

Hank riding

This year we traveled to Washington D.C.. Our first stop was in Pine Grove, PA. Oh man, it was great. The campground had a dog park which we all enjoyed. Below is a picture of our first night out. Sorry none of us are in the pic but Mom took it when we were walking back from the dog park.

First night out


After going to the dog park, Mulligan took over the couch.

Mulligan in camper


In the morning, Mulligan and I went to the dog park again to play. It was great, we said good bye to some of the travelers while getting some good exercise in.

Mom and Dad navigated around Baltimore then to College Park, MD. There is a wonderful rv park, Cherry Hill Park, which also has a dog park for all of us to play in. You will never guess who showed up and gave us all a big hug, GRANDMA and KENT!!!! They drove up from Florida to be with us. That was so cool. Each morning Mom and Dad would take all of us to the park for a good romp. Mulligan of course has to have special time with Mom, here is a video of him at the dog park one morning. (There is sound.)

Mulligan getting his morning exercise.

Each day Mom and Dad left me in charge and they went off to tour the nation’s capitol. Here is another video Mom made for all of you to enjoy. (There is sound.)

Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We spent a week having a great time. Below is a picture of our last campsite, back at Pine Grove. Oh, on the way down to D.C. this campground was a KOA. When we returned a week later, it no longer was a KOA. Either way, it is a really nice campground. We will stay there again.

Last night out



We made it back home safely. It is nice to go on vacation, but there is no place like home. I am back to sleeping on the bed with Mom and Dad!!!!

Until next time,

Izzy signing out

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Our last adventure of the season!!!!

October 14, 2012

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Izzy signing in.

We took one last trip in my movable home this weekend.  We went to my favorite place and we all went for a nice run in the fields. Yes, STREAMSIDE is exactly where we went. Mom tries to take pictures of all of us while we are out and about, but she gets so caught up in just watching us, she forgets. I am here to tell you we had a wonderful time.

Today Dad took my brothers and sister in the truck shopping while Mom stayed with the movable home. Dad said something about getting the grocery shopping done while Mom worked with the men getting the movable home ready for winter storage. So, off we go. When we returned to Mom, they hooked the movable home up to the truck and we were homeward bound. Mom was soaking wet as it was raining out, but she did not care. Both were happy with the work completed by the men. The final step will be to clean the inside of the movable home and cover it up.

I hear the next trip will be to Washington D.C. in April. I have no idea where that is, but it sounds exciting. I am sure Mom and Dad will have special things for us to do.

Oh yes, here I am at home. I just came inside, it is raining out so I am a little wet.

Until next time,


Izzy signing out.

Happy birthday Mulligan!!!!

July 18, 2012

Izzy signing in!!!!

Today is Mulligan’s birthday. To start the day off, we went for a walk and he found a softball. He is so ball oriented it is ridiculous, as far as I am concerned. He is so focused he does not even see the deer in the field. Boy oh boy, I spotted those pretty things right away. I stood real still and just stared at them. Of course Mom would not let me chase them, spoil sport.

Anyhow, below is Mulligan with his ball. He is such a goof ball, his butt is on the arm of  the couch and he looks real funny. I am enjoying the day outside, watching the birds, kids and squirrels. Such a nice day.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out!!!!

Mulligan’s morning!!!!

July 6, 2012

Izzy signing in,

We are on an adventure with Mom and Dad. They must like this place as we keep coming back. What I hear is that the campground is in the middle of a golf course. Weird, right? The cool part for us is that we all get to go and run “free”. Well my brothers and sister get to run free. I am attached to Dad. Apparently I am not trustworthy off leash. You know, the woods look like so much fun to run in. I would come back, I really would. I know, I would not come back for like an hour, but I would come back. Any how we all get some exercise.

Each morning, Mulligan is a big goofball, making lots of goofy noises and just being a real pain. Mom takes him for a run on his own. She takes a frisbee and he chases it. Sometimes he hides on her. Below is him hiding. What a silly boy.


He plays this game, then Mom comes and finds him.


He is such a good boy. When they return, he is tuckered right out.

We are off to another new place to visit. I will keep you posted.

Until next time,


Mom snuck out again!!!!

June 26, 2012

Izzy signing in,

As I was dozing outside, Mom snuck out of the house with Mulligan, AGAIN!!!! Here is what my nose tells me: he went swimming, then went for a run in an area that Ted and I went when we were puppies. That was 6 years ago by the way. Mom has not walked there since. I think it has something to do with the poison ivy Ted and I got into.

Apparently Mom is allergic to it and she did not know we had gotten into it. You know as puppies, Ted and I were so adorable that she would always cuddle with us. Well, with the oil from the poison ivy all over us, she in turn got it on her. We felt sooo bad, but what could we do, we were puppies and just ran and ran.

Today she went back there. I think she is taking precautions though. I noticed she has a sweatshirt on. I have attached 2 pictures of Mulligan on his run. He sure is a good boy for Mom, he always sticks around. I on the other hand, and I know you really find this hard to believe, go nuts when I am off a leash. I do not listen and tend to wander off. On leash I am a perfect dog though. Anyhow, Mom and I both know this, so we have agreed that I will be happy on a long lead. Maybe next time I will get to go.

Here is my boy!!!!







Until next time,

Izzy signing out

Mom took some pictures for you all to see!!!!

April 9, 2012

Izzy signing in!!!!

Our trip  started with snow on the ground. Oh boy, Mom put water my mobile home in the morning for fear of it freezing over night. She is sooo smart, it snowed overnight. We were all piled into the truck by 8:15am. Right on time. Below are a variety of pictures of us in the truck on our 1000 mile trip to South Carolina to meet up with Mom’s Mom.

Below are some pictures of the mobile house and our site.
 Below is Mulligan looking at the cows. He is such a goofball.

Finally warm weather!!!!

March 18, 2012

Izzy signing in!!!!

Oh boy, is it ever nice out. This past week has been great. Mom comes home from work takes us for a walk, our older brother Hank even gets to go 🙂 Hank and Mulligan run free in the field, but Mom thinks I will see something interesting and just run forever. Hmmm She is probably right. So, Mom puts me on a very long leash and I sure do wander and take in all the smells.

Mulligan is doing pretty good. Below is his first outing on the front porch. I am sure from now on, Mom will relax out there and I will come to visit. It is really nice on the porch, I just like being in my own area in the back yard. Oh yes, Mulligan is now 8 months old. He has spent half of his life with us. I am happy to have him with us.

Dad was so nice to me today, he put my drinking fountain outside for me. I just love having my own spiket of water to drink from. It is so fresh and cool. I am sure Mulligan will learn to use it too, that is ok. Like to share with him.

Mom and Dad have been busy getting my movable home ready. I think we are leaving for a week. It will be sooo much fun I can hardly wait, new smells, new sights.

That is it for now.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out.

Mom has been very busy!!!!

February 28, 2012

Izzy signing in.

We have such a busy life here in our little village. As most of you know, Mom, Mulligan and I try to walk everyday around the village to meet people and see the sights. You saw in my last post our walk in the rain with our wonderful coats. We really do not mind wearing them either.

Since my last post, I heard Mom and Dad talking, do you know what they did????? They traded my movable house with the engine to a movable house without an engine. Hmmmm, they didn’t ask me if that was ok or not. If I know my Mom and Dad, I am sure all will be ok, but it would have been nice to have a say in the decision. I will keep you posted on that new movable house.

Then Mom was gone for a few days, like 5 days to be exact. I counted!!!! It was too long, I really missed her and Mulligan was very antsy. I know he really missed her. He would take things that he shouldn’t, like Dad’s slippers, Mom’s shoes. He didn’t hurt them, just move them around the house. I found out she went to see Mom’s Mom. She had a good time, but was glad to get back to see me. I just know she missed me the most.

Now she is home and we have been walking again every day. We just love it. Oh yes, here is a picture of Mulligan with Mom after she got home. I think he really missed her.


Until next time,

Izzy signing out!!!

Mulligan is now 6 months old!!!!

January 19, 2012

Izzy signing in,

Well, yesterday was a mile stone for Mulligan!!!! Our little boy is growing up. He is eating big dog food now, which is much easier for all involved. He is learning to eat with me in the kitchen and not steal my food. He will learn. It will take time, but we are all being patient.

Here is a picture of the big boy!!!!


Until next time,

Izzy signing out.





My morning picture!!!!

December 26, 2011

Izzy signing in.

No words are needed.



Well, maybe, “Awwwwww!!!!”

Until next time,

Izzy signing out.