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Tripawd pics!!

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Ted watching the SU game.

Ruff Wear Harness

Ted looking happy inside. 2/11/11

Below is a link to Youtube. It is a video of Ted on 2/11/11.


Ted making his way in the snow!!

Ted relaxing in the snow!! 2/7/11

Ted relaxing 2/7/11

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7 Responses to “Tripawd pics!!”

  1.   Ted E. Bear Says:

    Mom and Dad sure are taking good care of me. Everytime I go outside, one or the other is with me. The watch me very carefully. I try to rub on the fence, but for some reason they do not want me to do that. Mom keeps saying it will hurt and my staples could pull out. Dad says I like to rub because the incision itches. All I know is it feels good to rub on the fence, but I will make them happy and try with all my might and not rub.

    I heard that tomorrow, Wed., I will be traveling to see my favorite vet and the staples will be removed. I sure hope it does not hurt, but I will be brave. I am still getting use to three legs, but over all I feel pretty good.

    Mom will take more pictures of my progress. I would like to thank all of you for being here and supporting Mom and Dad.

  2.   Dane Mom Sue Says:

    Don’t worry, Ted. Nova says that it doesn’t hurt at all to get the staples removed. Tell your mom to put a t-shirt on you to keep your incision clean. Glad you are feeling good, buddy!

  3.   Ted E. Bear Says:

    Nova, thank you. I was not sure if the staple removal will hurt or not. We did not go to the vet yesterday as the weather closed the clinic early. Today is the day.

    Mom sure is happy with me!! She loves it when I walk or trot on the path with her. You see, we have a lot of snow this year and with Mom and Dad having to come out with me every time, Mom has made a path around the yard. I watch her walk (she calls it “laps”) around the path. Well let me tell you, if she had not made that path, I would have had to plow through a foot of snow every time I wanted to go out. I take the path to get to my “special” spot. Then I take the path back to the door.

    Nova, I just know Mom will keep me in a shirt until my fur is much longer. It is darn cold out, 1 degree this morning. My incision is very clean and Mom likes it that way.

  4.   rudyroo Says:

    Hey Ted E bear, you’re so handsome! You’re looking good!

    Rudy has the same amp. date as your Ted! I was so happy the day they took out Rudy’s stitches, and Rudy was too! I think it had become so itchy and hard for him to get comfortable. I noticed that after they were removed he seems to want to move around more. I’m sure he was just showing off:)

  5.   Ted E. Bear Says:

    Rudy, I feel like a new boy. I am taking laps with Mom around my yard. She even took a video of me. I just love all this attention.

  6.   jerry Says:

    Now THAT is a real Tripawd smile! Keep it up Ted!

  7.   CatiesMom Says:

    Aw, Ted. That IS a great smile. Great video of your laps in the snow. What a handsome dude you are.

    We’re happy you’re doing so well!!

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