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Mom snuck out again!!!!

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Izzy signing in,

As I was dozing outside, Mom snuck out of the house with Mulligan, AGAIN!!!! Here is what my nose tells me: he went swimming, then went for a run in an area that Ted and I went when we were puppies. That was 6 years ago by the way. Mom has not walked there since. I think it has something to do with the poison ivy Ted and I got into.

Apparently Mom is allergic to it and she did not know we had gotten into it. You know as puppies, Ted and I were so adorable that she would always cuddle with us. Well, with the oil from the poison ivy all over us, she in turn got it on her. We felt sooo bad, but what could we do, we were puppies and just ran and ran.

Today she went back there. I think she is taking precautions though. I noticed she has a sweatshirt on. I have attached 2 pictures of Mulligan on his run. He sure is a good boy for Mom, he always sticks around. I on the other hand, and I know you really find this hard to believe, go nuts when I am off a leash. I do not listen and tend to wander off. On leash I am a perfect dog though. Anyhow, Mom and I both know this, so we have agreed that I will be happy on a long lead. Maybe next time I will get to go.

Here is my boy!!!!







Until next time,

Izzy signing out

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One Response to “Mom snuck out again!!!!”

  1.   maximutt Says:

    That looks like a really neat place Izzy! I’m glad Mulligan had a good time on his run. I hope you get to go next time, too!

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