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Slideshow of Ted and I!!!!

October 25, 2011

Izzy here!!!!

Mom has created a slideshow of Ted and I. We both hope you enjoy it.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out.


Here I am with my new little buddy!!!!

October 14, 2011

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Izzy signing in!!!!

Mom has been house/dog sitting. She has been doing this for a few nights and I think it is for a few more nights. The cool thing is, I met a new dog. Dad brings me to Mom and we walk with Holly. Holly is a boston terrier/beagle. She is 10 months old and has a lot of energy. I decided you better see what is happening, so I asked Mom to make a couple of videos for you. The first one is when we met!!!!

The second one is of our lovely butts walking together.

I hope you enjoyed the show.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out.


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My first day on our adventure!!!!

July 20, 2011

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

We made it!!!! Finally in my movable home again. We didn’t go very far from home, but still, we are out and about. Below is ME!!!! Yes, once that table is out of the way, I claim my spot.

Happy camper I am!!!!

Mom and I went for a walk before bed. We saw a couple of deer way up in the meadow. I just watched then Mom took this video of me. I just love walking along. Here is a short video Mom took of me.

Ted and the softball field.

June 19, 2011

Hi to all my friends. I keep telling you about watching baseball and softball games. Well tonight was my night, I just knew it, I could feel it!!! Mom and I went for our walk to the playground. At the playground there was a little girl with her mom and another grown up friend. The grown ups asked to see me. Of course Mom brought me to them. The adults noticed I was different right away. The little girl, who will be 5 next week, never noticed I was different. The grown ups kept asking her about me and if I was different. She said, “Well, yes, he smells good and is real soft.” What can I say, I just smell better than any dog around. Woof Woof Woof. She never even noticed how I was different than other dogs. I was soooo happy. Mom of course told the adults about my troubles and the adults were soooo happy to see me and how happy and gentle I am. Then Mom let the little girl hang onto my leash and we walked to her car together.

Then I was off, I just knew I was going to put my feet on that softball field. Yup Yup, Mom let me off leash and I jogged around the infield a bit, then found the outfield. Sooo, here I am, sniffing and having a good time.

Ok so I hope you enjoyed the short video. Below I am relaxing in the cool breeze.

Ted and Tom at our local Relay for Life event!!!

June 11, 2011

Below is the news release of the event, You will get a glimpse of Ted and I in the parade with the survivors. My husband  Tom is also in the parade.

Below there are numerous pictures of Ted and Izzy. Many questions were asked about each dog. During the parade I did hear the comments like, “He is a survivor too!”, ” Oh look at that poor dog, that is so sad!”, “Look at how well he is doing, that is amazing!”, and “Hey Ted, you go big guy!!!”

This is me enjoying my time with Mom!!!

June 6, 2011

Mom just had to video me being silly!!!

Ted keeping track of kids!!!

May 11, 2011

Mom here!!! The neighbors next door have enough kids to field a softball team. Anyhow, the kids are all on bikes, trikes, big wheels, or whatever in the parking lot. They are having fun and getting much needed exercise. Ted wants to join in!!! Here he is doing his best to play!!!

I apologize for the poor quality of the video.

Ted being Ted!!!

March 27, 2011

Mom here, this is such a wonderful sight. I really never dreamed Ted would be able to do is favorite past time. I know he mentioned it before, but now I have caught him in the act. He is quite loud, so you really may hear him in East Tennessee.

Video of Ted!!

February 11, 2011

I posted a link to a Youtube video of Ted making his way in the snow! You will find the link on the Tripawd Pics! page.