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Ted’s Ruff Harness is in use!!!!

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Izzy signing in!!!!

Mom has a friend who has an aging golden retriever who is having trouble going upstairs with his family. When Mom found this out, she offered Ted’s red harness. Today Mom went to put the harness on Barney. Barney is about 12 years old I think. Now you know I am always with my Mom both physically as well as emotionally. Well, Barney stood very still for Mom to put the harness on and was very patient. Once the harness was on, Barney just walked around like he had warn it for years. I know MomĀ  had tears in her eyes just seeing the harness on Barney.

Barney’s Mom and Dad were so surprised that Barney was very comfortable in the harness. In fact, while Mom did some work on their computer, Barney laid down and took a nap. When it was time for Mom to leave, Barney got up and gave Mom some kisses. I know Mom had tears, and she whispered to him, “Wear this proudly.”

Barney has full use of the harness for as long as he needs it. I will see Barney on my next walk. I hope he is wearing the harness.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out.

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4 Responses to “Ted’s Ruff Harness is in use!!!!”

  1.   Dakota Dawg Says:

    Izzy, we’re always telling you what a great big sister you are. Well, you are that way because your mom and dad are great people. I know your mom and mine talk online a lot and my mom thinks yours is grand! So it does not surprise me at all that your mom was so generous. And of course she had some tears. This was hard for her but still made her happy. I know. Weird humans.

    Love, Dakota

    •   Izzy, Ted's sister Says:

      D Dawg,
      Mom does have a big heart. I think seeing the harness on Barney reminded her so much of Ted it was overwhelming for her. Oh she told me that when she was putting it on Barney, she really had to think how to put it on. The reason she was having issues is, Barney has both front legs, he had put one foot through a hole, so he had to stand on three legs. Ted did not have to do that as, well, you know.


  2.   etgayle Says:

    wow, what a wonderful gift – full of the most wonderful ‘tripawd juju’…barney is one lucky dude!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  3.   Izzy, Ted's sister Says:

    Thank you. Barney is a special guy to us as well.


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