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Our morning ritual!!!!

February 9, 2014

Izzy signing in,

Good morning to all my wonderful friends. Mom created this video all by herself. I was busy this morning. I hope she did a good job for you.

Our mornings with Dad!


Until next time,

Izzy signing out

The video you were waiting for.

February 8, 2014

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Izzy signing in!!!

Mom took Mulligan for a run in the snow without me. I knew they would be back, Mom wanted to take a video or 2 of Mulligan in his new boots. He is such a smarty pants. She put one on him as soon as she got the boots in the mail, he did great. Then while out in the snow she put another one on. Well that one didn’t stay on very well. I think it was because she was in the snow and it the wind was blowing up a gale. After a bit we went inside to warm up. The she put all four boots on him, as usual he did just what she wanted him to do. He kept the boots on the whole time and the two of them played ball while I wandered around in the backyard happy as can be.

Today was the day for videos. I was not upset as I knew what was happening. Off the went, I watched from home. I sure hope you enjoy the video. Mulligan is the star of the show, as usual.

Mulligan’s new boots!

Until next time,

Izzy signing off.



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Cold Winter Wonderland!!!!

January 25, 2014

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Izzy signing in!!!!

2013 went out with quite a bang. My family and friends have gone through many rough days of winter weather. A few days before Christmas, our area was hit with an ice storm. Many homes lost power, many were in a brown out, and others did not lose power at all. All properties lost many branches and limbs. My nice play area had many limbs, which I did not like at all. Dad came in and cleared the branches out so I would feel comfortable again. I heard Mom and Dad talking and they were saying we had over an inch of ice on the branches. Mulligan and I go outside with Mom and Dad to  play, well he chases a ball and I explore. Anyhow, with the ice, we had to be very, very careful not to slip and slide. We have such protective parents you know.

After the icing finally stopped, we started to get snow on top of the ice. People still were without power and now, the ice was slipperier than before. Mully and I could not go out and play anymore for fear we would get hurt. Then the temperature dropped to around zero for a few days, therefore the ice would not melt. New Year’s Eve, more than a foot of snow fell, which meant more work to be done.

In comes 2014, holy warmness. The temperature went up, the rain came down, and mud season returned. We were glad to get rid of the ice, but not happy about the mud. Mom was wiping our feet all the time. Less than a week later the temp was back to the 20’s. Then a week later, the temperature dropped to below zero for over a week. Schools were either closed or delayed due to the wind chill of -40 or worse. Mulligan’s feet could not take the coldness of the ice, so Mom ordered him boots. Mom decided to order from this site because the products sold here are quality items.. I can not wait to see him with the boots on. I am sure he will walk funny at first. Today the temperature was great, the snow fell gently and Mulligan and I went out and played for the longest time since the new year began.

Update on Mulligan: his mast cells seem to be under control. He takes benedryl twice a day. No other tumors have returned, everyday is a gift with him. I really love my brother. He is a goof ball, as most goldens are.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out

Mulligan’s brush with cancer!!!!

November 10, 2013

Izzy here,

Oh my whatever am I going to do about my golden brothers? First I lose my brother Ted E Bear, now Mulligan had a mast cell removed from his right rear leg. Our vet is wonderful, she removed the tumor, sent it away to be tested. The results showed a grade 2, whatever that means. Mom said because the tumor was wrapped around an artery, they could not remove the number of cells they normally like to remove. The bottom line is: Mulligan will be on 50 mg of benedryl twice a day for the rest of his life. It is our understanding that mast cells release a histamine which is the reason for the benedryl. Our job is to give Mulligan a good full body check for other bumps. He may never have another tumor again or it can come back. We are all staying positive and moving on.

My brother is a goofy boy, I love him so. He gets playing so hard I just look at him and laugh to myself. There are times he jumps around like a bucking bronco. What a goof.

We all have had many adventures this past year. Hank and Missy are still with us, they are 14 and 13, respectively. This spring I hear we are off to PA to visit Hershey Park. That will be fun. Oh Mom has been able to find campground with dog parks. Those are wonderful. We get to run and play with each other.

Mulligan on the run cropped

That is it for now.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out.

Long time no Post!!!!

April 13, 2013

Good morning everybody!!!! Izzy signing in.

Mom just realized we have not been updating our adventures for  you since January. Oh my, we have had a few adventures and no life changing events. All in our family are happy and healthy. We are so thankful for that. Now on with our adventure of the spring.

This year we all piled in Big Red, pulled my mobile house behind us. It was great, we were all together. This is Hank riding next to his younger brother.

Hank riding

This year we traveled to Washington D.C.. Our first stop was in Pine Grove, PA. Oh man, it was great. The campground had a dog park which we all enjoyed. Below is a picture of our first night out. Sorry none of us are in the pic but Mom took it when we were walking back from the dog park.

First night out


After going to the dog park, Mulligan took over the couch.

Mulligan in camper


In the morning, Mulligan and I went to the dog park again to play. It was great, we said good bye to some of the travelers while getting some good exercise in.

Mom and Dad navigated around Baltimore then to College Park, MD. There is a wonderful rv park, Cherry Hill Park, which also has a dog park for all of us to play in. You will never guess who showed up and gave us all a big hug, GRANDMA and KENT!!!! They drove up from Florida to be with us. That was so cool. Each morning Mom and Dad would take all of us to the park for a good romp. Mulligan of course has to have special time with Mom, here is a video of him at the dog park one morning. (There is sound.)

Mulligan getting his morning exercise.

Each day Mom and Dad left me in charge and they went off to tour the nation’s capitol. Here is another video Mom made for all of you to enjoy. (There is sound.)

Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We spent a week having a great time. Below is a picture of our last campsite, back at Pine Grove. Oh, on the way down to D.C. this campground was a KOA. When we returned a week later, it no longer was a KOA. Either way, it is a really nice campground. We will stay there again.

Last night out



We made it back home safely. It is nice to go on vacation, but there is no place like home. I am back to sleeping on the bed with Mom and Dad!!!!

Until next time,

Izzy signing out

2 Years has past!

January 26, 2013

Izzy signing in!!!!

Mom was just reminding me about what our life was like 2 years ago today!!!! Dad returned home from the hospital two days ago and Ted was in the hospital becoming a tripawd.

So much has happened in the past two years!!!! Ted E Bear taught his family so much in such little time. We miss you Ted E Bear.

Oh Ted, Mom told me of a friend of hers whose dog is at the bridge. He arrived on Friday with a broken leg due to the big “O”. He is almost 10 years old. Please show him around. Thank you big guy.

Until next time!!!!

Izzy signing out.

Our first big snow of the season!!!!

December 28, 2012

Izzy signing in!!!!

Well, we have had quite a week. Mom says she was dog/house sitting for a week and that is why she is not home in the evenings. She told me that she was making money for our adventures in my movable home. I am good with that. She  promised me, us, that she would spend lots of time at home once the week was over.

She is true to her word. Each and everyday she would come home to spend time with all of us. I was glad because I was hearing talk of a storm coming and I really do not like the wind. Mom spent as much time as she could with us then went back to check on the others.

Anyhow, the week is over and the storm left some snow to play in. Mom took some videos I would like to share with you. Of course the “horse” is in the video mom created. Enjoy!!!!

Mulligan and I playing in the snow!!!!

Until next time,

Izzy signing out

Mulligan the recycle dog!!!

December 20, 2012

Izzy signing in.

Woof!!!! I know it has been a while, things have been great in our home. Mom has been waiting for her new camera to arrive so she could take some good pictures.

We  have been going on nice walks lately. Psst, I went on a walk all by myself one morning. Dad was letting me play in the backyard while he threw the ball for Mulligan. Well, a rabbit got the better of me and I bolted, I knew what I was doing. Dad called my name but the rabbit was more interesting. Soooo, Dad called Mom, Mom called Mulligan to come into the house. Of course, the “horse” galloped back to Mom and back in the house he went. Then Mom and Dad got flashlights out and the search for me began. I guess I was not suppose to chase that silly rabbit, but what is a girl to do. It was 6:15 AM, 27 degrees, and Mom and Dad had to get to work. I was obviously in the “dog house” on this one. Anyhow, an hour later I was back at home, Mom was on her way to work, Dad was on his way to the shower, I was tired and wet. I had a blast though!!!!

Since then, I have not been allowed to play in the backyard in the morning. I guess I have to earn their trust again. On our walks, I am really good. I am on a rope though, so I can’t really get in too much trouble. On these walks, Mulligan has a job to do. Below is a video of him doing his job.




He sure is a good boy!!!

Until next time,

Izzy signing out


Our last adventure of the season!!!!

October 14, 2012

Izzy signing in.

We took one last trip in my movable home this weekend.  We went to my favorite place and we all went for a nice run in the fields. Yes, STREAMSIDE is exactly where we went. Mom tries to take pictures of all of us while we are out and about, but she gets so caught up in just watching us, she forgets. I am here to tell you we had a wonderful time.

Today Dad took my brothers and sister in the truck shopping while Mom stayed with the movable home. Dad said something about getting the grocery shopping done while Mom worked with the men getting the movable home ready for winter storage. So, off we go. When we returned to Mom, they hooked the movable home up to the truck and we were homeward bound. Mom was soaking wet as it was raining out, but she did not care. Both were happy with the work completed by the men. The final step will be to clean the inside of the movable home and cover it up.

I hear the next trip will be to Washington D.C. in April. I have no idea where that is, but it sounds exciting. I am sure Mom and Dad will have special things for us to do.

Oh yes, here I am at home. I just came inside, it is raining out so I am a little wet.

Until next time,


Izzy signing out.

Back to work!!!!

September 18, 2012

Izzy signing in!!!!

My family had a wonderful summer. I wrote about some of our adventures away from home, I hope you enjoyed them. We also had a lot of fun at home with Mom and Dad. With the summer ending, Mom prepared all of us for her return to work. She made it a point to be away from us for most of the day. I really think it was for her more than us. I know she misses all of us to pieces when we are apart.

I have heard Mom and Dad talking about more adventures on the weekends. I sure hope we go to my favorite place, STREAMSIDE!!!! We all have such a good time there. Mom and Dad can play golf in the morning (and not be gone long), then come back and are with us again. Then sometimes we all go for a long walk on these big open fields. Mulligan and Hank trot along on their own, while Missy and I trot along with Mom and Dad. Apparently, the Mom and Dad don’t like Missy and I wandering on our own. I guess we are the special ones and get to be right next Mom and Dad all the time.

I keep thinking Ted would have loved seeing all the places we saw this summer. I know he was with us though, he was watching over us, making sure things went just right. Our family really needed this wonderful summer. Thank you Ted, we all miss you.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out