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One step closer!!!!

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Izzy signing in!!!!

As most of you know, Mom and Dad got me a bigger home on wheels. I heard it does not have a motor, but Dad’s truck can pull it. All of us have been practicing our vehicle etiquette, but time will tell how we do.  Mulligan has never been on a trip, let alone slept in a home on wheels. I am sure he will be just fine, especially since I will be with him.

Today Missy and I went to be beautified. Our fur is all fluffy, and nails all trimmed up. I know Mom wants us to look beautiful, but really. Do we have to go through a day at the spa???? OK, I will do it just for Mom. I must say, we do smell pretty darn good. I don’t know how long the bandannas will last though.  OH, Mulligan came into the spa too, all he had done was his nails and fur on his feet trimmed. That is all Mom wanted to have done for his first time. I was there to watch, he did pretty good, he was nervous though. Mom and Dad where there too, they gave him lots of hugs and sweet talk. The nice lady working  on him was very impressed with him. What can I say, he is my boy and love him. I told him it was OK.

Now that I am ready to go, let’s get that new home on wheels on the road. Mom will take pictures for you.

Until next time,

Izzy signing out.

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6 Responses to “One step closer!!!!”

  1.   maximutt Says:

    Hi Izzy! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventure in your new home on wheels! Sounds like it will be fun!

  2.   Izzy, Ted's sister Says:

    Woof, I can’t wait. We will have a blast I just know it.


  3.   etgayle Says:

    ‘on the road again…’ sounds like you are ready for a grand adventure!!!! take plenty of pictures, we can’t wait!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  4.   Izzy, Ted's sister Says:

    Oh boy are we ready. This will be a grand trip.


  5.   wyattraydawg Says:

    You Izzy are you trailer trash like me now? 😉

    Can’t wait to see the new rig I”m so jealous! i want a bigger one too so I can get a bruddah!

  6.   Izzy, Ted's sister Says:

    Soon for a week I will be trailer trash. 😛

    Mom will take pictures of all of us I hope. I know she has been busy thinking of all the things she needs in the new rig. Her line of thinking is, if she forgets it, she will buy it or go without.


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